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Transparency &
Fast Settlements


Lextech removes the need for separate systems and processes. Our platform provides you with an easy to use, one stop shop from loan approval to settlement and beyond.



People, Platform, Partners


Our expertise (People), The Lextech System (Platform) & Our Partners ensure that all information associated with the file is stored, referenced and acted upon in one central location. Less need for phone calls, paper and postage means all parties can communicate and settle faster every time. It is after all only ever about the service!



What it means to you


Know what each party knows

Lextech is designed to ensure total transparency for all parties to a transaction. Notes, statuses and key milestones are available in real time.


Faster Settlements

From instruction through to settlement – Lextech is the one stop shop. All documentation is clearly visible to relevant parties, this process is automated and seamless. This efficiency speeds up settlements


Faster turnarounds and less re-work

Lextech issues loan documents within 24 hours of instruction via DocuSign. Files can be keyed ahead of time by lenders. Lenders can automate data “roll over” to save staff time.


Have happier customers

Lextech ensures you, and your representative, communicate the correct information to borrowers and all relevant parties as it happens. Less frustration, less work for everyone, happy customers!


Know you are compliant

Lextech is built with compliance in mind. A full audit trail is available to Lenders and every milestone is date and time stamped – promoting the utmost transparency.


Lender controlled data

Lextech keeps the Lender in control throughout the entire post approval process. All Lender instructions are consistent in form and standardised to ensure accuracy and prevent incorrect information.


The right supporting documents

The Lenders choose and set standard documentation and relevant supporting documents. Lextech’s intuitive workflow manages this without any input from the Lender.


Upload your documents

Permitted parties can upload and retrieve relevant documentation from any platform or device.


Pre-population of instructions

When optioned by the Lender, Lextech can roll data from Loan Origination systems directly into the Lextech platform. This ensures accuracy, better use staff resources and maintains data integrity.


Compatibility and notifications

Built for Tablets, Smart Phones, PC’s, Mac’s and any other internet based offering. SMS & Email notifications are delivered to all parties (as requested), to instantaneously provide real time updates and information exchange. Any device – Any platform – Anytime.


Clients are already winning with Lextech.

Mark Gaetani
Lending Services Manager
B&E Personal Banking


“B&E has been using the web-based mortgage processing system LoanCloser in conjunction with Purcell Partners since September 2011 with great success. From the outset and continuing until today the service provided has been first class.”

Stephen Murphy
Head of Credit
Community First Credit Union


“We have been using Purcell Partners and Lextech now for around two years. We have found the ability to track communication with the Lextech team, our Members and their solicitors an invaluable tool that ensures a smooth process from instruction to settlement.”

Karlene Seymour
Loans Manager
Central Murray Credit Union


“Lextech has been able to provide our members with quicker turnaround times for settlements / funding. The overall cost has allowed us to generate more business and pass on further savings to our customers.”

Kim Pattison
Shoalhaven Regional Manager
Horizon Credit Union


“We have been using Lextech together with Purcell Partners since October 2011 and were surprised at how streamlined and easy the system was to use. The turnaround time for the preparation and issue of Mortgage Documents is exceptional and can take less than 30 minutes to have prepared and ready for issue to our members.”

Greg O’Neill
Chief Executive Officer
LaTrobe Financial


“Without question LoanCloser has revolutionised our lending department. It is a first in the mortgage industry. The innovative design has dramatically reduced settlement times. The system is designed to cover all states and territories in Australia.”

Peter Challis
Chief Executive Officer
WAW Credit Union


“By controlling all of the data, we are able to ensure that the post approval is completely transparent and to monitor in real time the whole post approval process. Lextech goes a long way to achieving the illusive “straight through processing”. We have noticed an overall improvement in our monitoring and speed of funding.”


See how Lextech can help you.

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