A simple, elegant, integrated settlement experience.

LEXTECH combines world class software with an industry leading legal service to streamline your settlements.

Transform your mortgage settlement process.

LEXTECH lets parties communicate, share documents, and record important dates. It also integrates revolutionary technologies like electronic signing, digital verification of identity, and electronic mortgage registration.

This digital settlement space can be accessed by any party, at any time, from any device ensuring that no matter where they are, they always have the most up to date information. This total transparency delivers a strategic advantage to lenders’ sales staff, credit staff and management.

Powerful integration of industry leading technologies.

Through our ‘XPRESS’ range of products, we give you integrated access to industry leading technologies. Select one or all and customise the process for your borrowers.

Deliver Documents in DocuSign for Digital Signing *

Australian lenders are under increasing pressure to reduce costs and speed up settlements. To remain competitive lenders must adopt the streamlined digital lending solutions that the borrowing public has come to expect.

LEXTECH’s XPRESS DOCS propels your lending services forward into the modern age. Now your customers can sign their complete loan packet, including loan contract and mortgage documents, electronically from any device and return them instantly.

Complete VOI (Verification of Identity)

Lenders are required to take reasonable steps to conduct a verification of identity (‘VOI’) on each of their customers or risk having their mortgages deregistered.

LEXTECH has enshrined best VOI practice into their custom built XPRESS ID app for iPhone and Android devices. The XPRESS ID app lets lenders control the face to face verification process, or lets the LEXTECH team verify the identity of customers remotely.

Settle Refinances Faster *

XPRESS REFI is a unique refinancing process combining the LEXTECH software platform with insurance supplied by our title insurance partner. XPRESS REFI allows LEXTECH to settle refinance transactions without the attendance of the outgoing mortgagee.

This short circuits the discharging lender’s mortgage retention units by settling the matter before they have a chance to respond and puts the advancing lender in total control of the refinance process.

Delivering real solutions to real problems.

We do not just supply you with the innovative products necessary to stay competitive, our platform connects you with our unmatched team of settlement professionals.

20 years industry experience

Since 2005 LEXTECH has been working with lenders, borrowers, solicitors, and brokers to seamlessly manage and settle over 100,000 transactions across Australia.”

Legal Experts in mortgage processing

Our service team come from diverse lending, broking, and conveyancing backgrounds. These staff are supported and supervised by a team of experienced solicitors with a proven track record in high volume commercial lending.”

Award winners for mortgage innovation

We are a part of the lending industry and we are deeply familiar with the inefficiency and frustration inherent in ordinary mortgage settlement processes. We saw the need to innovate and had the legal know-how to do it. This led to the LEXTECH software platform, winner of the 2017 APAC Insider Best End-to-End Mortgage Processing Solution.”

25 customers on-board

Over 25 customers have already joined the LEXTECH network. We are proud to deliver outstanding service to lenders of all sizes and natures, from the large and commercial to the boutique and member focused. Our electronic settlement platform has also been adopted by traditional law firms who have found its efficiencies invaluable for themselves and their clients.”

$32 Billion successfully lent

Our customers have used our software and service to securely lend over 32 billion dollars, with that number rising every day.”

Software with a service.

Our leadership team, supported by a team of experienced solicitors and law clerks, are with you every step of the way.

Simon Purcell

Founding Director & Principal

Shauna Dunne

Head of Operations

Devesh Chauhan

Business Transformation Manager | Solicitor

Edward Kerr

Business Development Manager

Tania Donato

Customer Support Service Manager

Nicole Hodyas

Team Manager – La Trobe Financial

Fiona Collier

Team Manager – Mutuals

Angela Cincotta

Team Supervisor – Mutuals

Hear what our clients say.

LEXTECH has been delivering results for over 20 years.

“Without question LEXTECH has revolutionised our lending department… It provides us with a system that is totally controlled by us.”

Greg O’Neill – President & Chief Executive Officer

“We are extremely satisfied with LEXTECH’s approach, knowledge, timeliness and above all, negotiation skills within complex recovery scenarios”

Natasha Whish-Wilson – Chief Risk Officer

“The ability to track communication with the LEXTECH team, our members and their solicitors is invaluable.”

Stephen Murphy – Head of Credit

“LEXTECH goes a long way to achieving the illusive, straight through processing.”

Peter Challis – Chief Executive Officer

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