A simple, elegant, integrated settlement experience.

LEXTECH is a combination of industry leading technologies designed to make mortgage settlements faster, cheaper and most of all, simple.

Transform your mortgage settlement process.

LEXTECH lets parties communicate, share documents, and record important dates. It also integrates revolutionary technologies like electronic signing, digital verification of identity, and electronic mortgage registration.

This digital settlement space can be accessed by any party, at any time, from any device ensuring that no matter where they are, they always have the most up to date information. This total transparency delivers a strategic advantage to lenders’ sales staff, credit staff and management.

The LEXTECH software is a web-based platform designed to make your settlements faster, cheaper and most of all, simple.

We work with our users day in, day out, to ensure their needs can be met with the help of a state of the art software platform. 


With LEXTECH, Purcell Partners’ lenders and their clients receive quicker:

  • automatic population of instructions;
  • verification of identity (VOI);
  • title, company and PPSR searching;
  • documentation;
  • distribution;
  • signing;
  • verification of documentation;
  • insurance; and
  • electronic or physical settlement.

LEXTECH makes mortgage settlement within days a reality.


With the aid of the LEXTECH platform, Purcell Partners’ offer:

  • free set-up;
  • no lock-in contract;
  • embedding of document templates; and
  • unlimited access for any users involved in mortgage transactions.

Just pay for WHAT you settle, WHEN you settle. Our efficiencies let us deliver some of the most competitive market rates for outsourced mortgage services.


We share your file with you, giving you real-time access to track key milestones across the life of any individual mortgage settlement.

Our shared work spaces are accessible via the cloud, meaning there are no burdensome technology installations required.

Shared work spaces let you view anything and everything, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all at the click of a button.

Along with the providing the innovative technologies to stay competitive, the LEXTECH platform is connected with an unmatched team of settlement professionals at Purcell Partners.

A demonstrated service history

Since 2005 Purcell Partners have been utilising LEXTECH to service lenders, borrowers, solicitors, and brokers, to seamlessly manage and settle over 100,000 mortgage transactions across Australia.”

25+ corporate customers on-board

Over 25 corporate customers have already joined the LEXTECH network. These customers have included lenders of all sizes and natures, from the large and commercial to the boutique and member focused. The LEXTECH platform has also been adopted by traditional law firms who have found its efficiencies invaluable for themselves and their own clients.”

Over $32 Billion successfully settled

LEXTECH customers have used this software and to securely lend over 32 billion dollars, with the aid of an experienced and dedicated law firm, Purcell Partners. ”

Software with a service.

The LEXTECH leadership team, supported by experienced solicitors, are with you every step of the way.

Simon Purcell

Founding Director & CEO

Jack Meredith

Head of Operations

Karon Edwards

Head of Product and Technology

Hear what our users have said. 

LEXTECH has been delivering results since 2005.

“Without question LEXTECH has revolutionised our lending department… It provides us with a system that is totally controlled by us.”

Greg O’Neill – President & Chief Executive Officer

“… generally speaking, we can issue Loan Contracts to our Members on the same day that the file was instructed”

Yvonne Irvine – Supervisor (Processing, Settlements and Discharges)

“Shorter time frames enable us to to convert the loan sale quicker, enhancing the overall Member experience.”

Felicity King – Executive Manager, Credit & Process Improvement

“LEXTECH goes a long way to achieving the illusive, straight through processing.”

Peter Challis – (former) Chief Executive Officer

See how LEXTECH can help you.

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