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May 2018

LEXTECH receives stage 1 approval to operate as an ELNO

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LEXTECH (Purcell Partners Pty Ltd) is excited to announce it has received approval to pass through stage 1 of the process to operate as a potential Electronic Lodgment Network Operator (ELNO).

LEXTECH was pleased to work closely with the Australian Registrars’ National Electronic Conveyancing Council (ARNECC) throughout this robust process. LEXTECH understands the importance of maintaining the integrity of each State Register and looks forward to creating a competitive market for e-Conveyancing.

Please see the following update from the New South Wales Office of the Registrar General for more details:

What is open banking?

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“Open banking will encourage competition in the market for financial services as customers and authorised third parties have increased and better access to data, thereby forcing financiers to become more innovative to win business or by lowering their service costs.”

Please see the full update from our Business Development Manager, Ed Kerr at:

Image source: Ivey Business School, FinTech Club